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Coverings Special Product Review

Glass mosaic gives a modern and noticeable look to any wall. The series is available in 12- x 12-inch sheets and 4- x 12-inch borders, and in a range of many new colors.

Light Shape, a wall-covering product, is created through a patented process and features fluorescent botanical designs cut into porcelain slabs. Waterjet technology creates the designs into which a transparent, epoxy resin insert is placed. A thin sheet, white light bulb attached to the slab's backside emits a soft, glowing light through the design. The environmentally sound light bulbs utilized in Light Shape do not disperse infrared or ultraviolet energy, and they disperse only a negligible amount of heat using only three to six watts of power per bulb.

The model has been inspired by Zebrano wood -- a material with very well-defined tones, which TAU Advanced, the trademark's creativity and design forum, has enhanced by contrasting them in multiple directions on the piece's surface, with a captivating and original aesthetic result.

The 28 colors and five tonalities of nuances and mixes found in the Perle collection tend to emphasize and play with the chromatic values.

It is the summary of the superior technical quality of through-body porcelain tile and of the infinite aesthetical richness due to the revolutionary no-touch coloring technology

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